I’m a Lecturer in Psychology at Lancaster University.

My primary research interest is in perspective-taking and communication. In particular I investigate the cognitive, developmental, social, and cultural factors implicated in the way in which we think about others’ perspectives. I am also interested in the automatic computation of low-level social cues, such as eye gaze and what is visually available to someone.

Many of my studies stem from the theory of mind literature. I work with colleagues at Université catholique de Louvain on projects investigating the way in which observers track others’ mental states in a spontaneous fashion. I am also interested in the way in which we reason and keep track of the knowledge gained from different sources.

I joined Lancaster University in Sept, 2017, after lecturing at Keele University for 18 months (2016-2017). Prior to that, I held two Research Fellow positions; one at University of Birmingham on a 3-year ESRC project (2013-2015), the other at Université catholique de Louvain in Belgium on a 1-year FNRS project (2012). I obtained my PhD from University of Birmingham in 2011. While finishing my doctoral thesis, I took up a temporary lectureship at Northumbria University (2010-2011).