Welcome to the Cognition of Social Interaction (CoSI) Lab.

We use a range of techniques to build a better understanding about the way we interact with others. This includes tracking people’s eye movements during social interaction, test their memory for communicative content, and measure their response times and response accuracy to social stimuli.

If you would like to do a MSc or PhD in the CoSI lab, please get in touch with Jess to discuss potential projects.


Current Projects:

1. Perspective-taking across the lifespan (funded by the British Academy & Leverhulme Trust)

2. Perception of direct gaze in face to face interaction

3. Automatic belief tracking


Current Lab Members:

JW work  Jessica Wang (Principle Investigator)

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset  Natalia Ciranova (Research Assistant)

Beth Armstrong  Beth Armstrong (Research Assistant)


Lin Zhao (PhD student at University of Birmingham 2013-17)